Top-drawer speakers that penetrate right to the core

Kii Audio’s Three BXT system comprises a pair of rarefied speakers that produce magnificent sound

Kii Audio Three BXT system with Kii Control, from £27,495
Kii Audio Three BXT system with Kii Control, from £27,495 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

There’s an only semi-joking notion among hifi buffs that some high-end speakers are made by people who are good at woodwork and others by engineers – the concomitant being that the former produce boxes with a natural, unprocessed sound, the latter a more dramatic, but manipulated, output. These speakers, the Kii Three BXT system by Kii Audio, a pan-European company based across Germany and Holland (remember Europe, anyone?), are firmly in the engineer-made category. I went to listen to the system at the Muswell Hill home of someone you might describe as an artisan dealer – one who supplies the most rarefied systems to serious sound lovers. Indeed, if you are thinking of spending between £13,000 and close to £30,000 on something really special, you might contact Keith Cooper of Purité Audio for a demo.

The Three system comprises a pair of Kii speakers, each of which has six drivers and six amplifiers and a BXT bass module with another eight speakers and eight amplifiers inside. What you get is quite magnificent, a light but solid and tight sound with up to 7,000 watts available and a bass that gets right through to the core of your chest. Keith will explain the extraordinary electronic engineering in these speakers, how they are adjusted to a room of any description, and show you how to use the Kii Controller, which is basically the remote control of the gods. 




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