A very smart smoke alarm with longevity to match

Netatmo’s fiendishly clever app-operated alarm also has a potential 10-year battery life

Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm, £90
Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm, £90 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Just as the last thing you assume when you hear a car or burglar alarm is that a car is being stolen or a home robbed, a squeaking smoke alarm almost inevitably means someone has burned the toast – or the battery in the alarm needs replacing. But this, from the ever-clever Netatmo, is the most comprehensively smart smoke alarm I have seen. Before you even get into its connected capabilities, nota bene its main advantage: up to 10 years of battery life. If you install a Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm now, your iPhone 20-ish will be sending you a notification in 2029 that it’s had enough. If, in the meanwhile, you do burn the toast and the 85-decibel alarm sounds, don’t worry about getting up on a chair to fan smoke away from it – the alarm can be muted from its phone app. Your phone will also tell you if it has detected smoke and in which room (assuming you have alarms in different parts of the house), even if you’re thousands of miles away. And if, like me, you get paranoid if you’ve not heard from your smoke alarm while you are away, you can even test from afar that it’s in working order.


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