A flexible extension to an impressive multiroom sound system

Dynaudio’s Music 3 is a portable Bluetooth stereo speaker that can produce 40 watts of refined sound and hook up to its fixed sibling speakers Music 5 and 7

Dynaudio Music 3, £390
Dynaudio Music 3, £390 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

It’s almost four years since I looked at anything from the interiors-friendly Danish/German loudspeaker maker Dynaudio. This, the Music 3, is one element of the brand’s new multiroom system, and what makes it unusual is that it is powered by rechargeable batteries – so it is not only a portable Bluetooth stereo speaker, but one that will happily hook into a multiroom system of its fixed, mains-powered sibling Dynaudio speakers, the Music 5 and 7. A charge gives up to eight hours’ use, which is impressive as the machine develops a powerful 40 watts of refined sound. Another cut-above feature of the Music 3 is that it optimises its performance as you move it around, adjusting for position and varying noise levels.


You need to download the inevitable app to use the Music 3, something I find increasingly irritating these days, as the apps are often not wonderful and you feel you’re being roped into something unnecessarily. A couple of other tiny bones to pick: the portability of the Music 3 is its USP, and that may be a big ergonomic boon chez vous, but I found it peculiar that the bar across the top of the Music 3 doesn’t pull out as a carrying handle. Oh, and the styling. I appreciate that the angular look is cool, but in combination with the slightly bilious pinkish red of my sample, it looks like something from an exhibition of 1980s GDR products. In the grey, the slightly ironic East German thing looks much better.


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