A rocking rock-like garden speaker

This speaker may resemble a large stone, but it sounds surprisingly hifi-ish for a garden ornament

Lithe Audio Rock Speaker, £199
Lithe Audio Rock Speaker, £199 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

If you have a reasonable-size (but not huge) garden and either very friendly neighbours or, preferably, no neighbours at all, this Fred Flintstone‑esque 60-watt Bluetooth garden speaker disguised as a rock could make your summer, er, rock. Sussex maker Lithe Audio sells the speaker separately or as a pair for an extra £100, but it’s not a stereo pair – you really don’t need or want stereo from garden speakers that can be placed up to 10m apart. But having tried out a single unit indoors in the winter, the speaker’s 6.5in polypropylene cones and Mylar tweeters sounded surprisingly hifi-ish for a garden ornament.


My only slight bone to pick with Lithe is that the Rock Speaker doesn’t look like a rock so much as a failed (but delicious) frosted chocolate cake. An unexpected benefit to this charming piece of electronic eccentricity is that it is well future-proofed so far as global warming is concerned. I see from the label that it will work at up to 85ºC, at which point we will all be dead, but it’s nice to know there could still be music in the charred remains of an English country garden.


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