A multi-device supercharging multi-plug

The Icon is a high-speed charging cube with four USB outlets and two universal mains sockets to boot

USBepower Icon, £84.99
USBepower Icon, £84.99 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I’ve had another foray into Selfridges’ Smartech concession, which is like a mini Consumer Electronics Show for me – it saves me going to Vegas by selecting all the best new stuff on show and getting exclusives on products before I can even get press review samples from the makers. Anyway, chatting with its switched-on staff, I discovered that the Icon high-speed charging cube is currently one of its fastest moving lines. I would have put it in my travel-tech selection next month, but it’s not great for hotel rooms – it deals with a lot of power so comes, in the UK version, with a hefty lead and plug. I wouldn’t want to use it abroad with an adaptor. 

But the Icon is a superb power hub for home or office, especially if plug sockets are in short supply. It offers two USB-A outlets, two USB-C (for MacBooks, iPad Pros, Google Pixel phones, Samsung, etc) and two mains sockets. And it charges at up to 54 watts, so you get three times the normal speed simultaneously for up to six devices. The Icon also detects the optimal rate for charging a device, so no risk of overcharging. Practical and, being from Paris, not un-stylish. 




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