The heat-controlled cup for perfect coffee on the move

The Ember Travel Mug supplies a constant drinking temperature – and no spills are guaranteed with its 360˚ leak-proof lid

Ember Travel Mug, £160
Ember Travel Mug, £160 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

The £80 Ember heat-controlled mug, which I featured on Technopolis TV last year, was the present I chose for top-tier loved ones last Christmas. The geekier among them loved having an app-controlled receptacle that could be set from their phone to hold their tea or coffee at a pre-set temperature for up to an hour as they sipped it. All appreciated Ember, because as well as being very clever, it is also a beautiful piece of ceramic.

Now Ember, which is working on all sorts of other temperature-controlled crocks like dinner plates (interesting notion) has this, a bigger (355cc against 295) travel mug ideal for those of us who like to have a supply of a good brew from their home machine or favourite coffee shop at a constant perfect drinking temperature in the car for the morning commute – or on their desk.


The plastic rather than ceramic Ember Travel Mug’s technology is equally brilliant, but quite different, with a button to turn the beaker on and an option to set the desired temperature by twisting the rotary base rather than use the phone app. The mug also has a screw-on 360° leak-proof lid.


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