Bookshelf speakers with floorstanding-speaker sound

The larger-than-life all-American Klipsch wireless speakers blast out huge, beefy sound

Klipsch The Sixes, £799
Klipsch The Sixes, £799 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Klipsch, a 70-year-old Arkansas hifi firm, is one of those all-American names that has never quite resonated in the UK. Its founder, Paul W Klipsch – eccentric in the way of so many early-20th-century US innovators – used to wear a button emblazoned with “Bull***t” behind his lapel to flash at anyone making dubious scientific claims. A less eccentric fact about the firm is that it was eventually sold to another man called Klipsch, in Indianapolis. Klipsch gear is big, with 1970s-style carpentry and copper knobs: clues that tell you these Bluetooth speakers – The Sixes – are not just any wireless boxes, but distinctively Klipsch. They are bookshelf speakers with a built-in amp and huge, beefy sound thanks to 6.5in woofers and 100 watts of amplification per channel, though at 43cm tall they’ll only fit shelves made for old-style atlases. They also work as a TV amplification system that will leave any soundbar standing. A great choice for floorstanding-speaker sound in a relatively compact form.


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