An Apple Watch fit for every generation

As well as all the fitness-tracking paraphernalia, the Series 4 will detect a tumble and call emergency services if the wearer is unresponsive

Apple Watch Series 4, from £399
Apple Watch Series 4, from £399 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I’ve been testing the new Apple Watch, the Series 4, for a few weeks now and having tried it out in all its iterations, I can finally say it is a workday essential. I’m not alone. I have never seen so many people wearing Apple Watches. The slow-burn adoption of the technology by significant numbers is the same as happened with Apple’s AirPod earphones, which once looked odd and are now mainstream.


What is it about the Series 4 that has finally made the Apple Watch a must-have? The screen is 30 per cent bigger, and the new, colourful Infograph face is sheer genius, with all the information you need on one screen. Apple also seems to have made the mechanism that triggers the face to light up when you tilt your wrist about 90 per cent reliable – the minimum viable in my book. But the interesting, though for me non-essential (touch wood), feature is a fall detector, which can tell if you take a tumble, check you’re OK, and if you don’t respond, contact emergency services. It’s not the only enhanced health feature on the device – it will soon be upgraded in the UK with an ECG sensor. So along with all the activity apps built in for young, shiny, sporty people, Apple is now acknowledging the ageing process. Admirable, as well as good business sense.


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