Etón BoostTurbine 2000

A cranking idea for reviving dead phone batteries

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I often find myself mentioning US manufacturer Etón on this page, simply because it just keeps on bringing out interesting products. Not all of these are at the absolute apex quality-wise, but this one, a hand-cranked miniature turbine to squeeze an extra call out of a dead phone when absolutely everything else fails, is a proper piece of engineering.


The BoostTurbine 2000 will give about 30 seconds of air-time for a minute’s cranking. This may not seem like much, but it will feel like a reasonable prospect one day when you’re in the car without a charger lead, or somewhere remote and there’s a power cut – which is why it’s not a contender for Silly Street.


Also worth mentioning is that you can fill the BoostTurbine with conventional electricity from the mains – enough to make a lot more than a few minutes of calls. So, really, it’s a slightly bigger and heavier-than-usual supplementary power supply that can be topped up by hand cranking. This makes it relatively un-cranky in my book.

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