An intelligent alarm clock that’s both baby monitor and friend

The Remi clock is a design classic and gives parents peace of mind with its inbuilt sleep tracker – and children love its smiley face

Remi sleep trainer, €89
Remi sleep trainer, €89 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

What kind of a children’s alarm clock makes it into the New York Museum of Modern Art store? In the case of this one, it helps being French and, bizarrely for a product designed for kids between newborn and 10, really rather chic. Remi, €89, is an intelligent alarm clock, although with everything laying claim to being intelligent these days, that’s perhaps pretty standard. But Remi does an awful lot and I wouldn’t balk at the intelligent label. 


Remi is a friendly-looking clock that will train children to know what’s the right time to get up – if they wake up too early, it shows rather a stern face; if they wake up when mummy and daddy want, it’s a smiley face. It’s also a baby monitor, adjustable night light, music player, alarm, wireless speaker, sleep tracker and diary. An additional storytelling player function will be available soon. My deputy product testing executive, a two-year-old nephew, developed something close to a friendship with Remi and insisted his parents buy him one. For anyone worried about child monitors being open to hacking, it’s worth noting Remi can perform most of its tricks sans WiFi. Remi also comes in a variety of colours. We tried the blue, but nephew opted for the yellow, as I think I would have at his age. It also comes in red and grey. 


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