Superb stereo sound in a portable speaker

The Orbitsound Dock E30 uses a new patented stereo system to fill every corner of the room with brilliant sound

Orbitsound Dock E30, £449; S4 subwoofer, £299
Orbitsound Dock E30, £449; S4 subwoofer, £299 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I rarely bring you celebrity tech gossip on this page – because I rarely hear any – but I happen to know that Mark Knopfler takes this superb new speaker, Orbitsound’s Dock E30, on tour to enjoy some quality on-the-road sounds in hotels. How do I know this? Because Orbitsound’s managing director Daniel Fletcher told me, and he is the brother of Knopfler’s producer and erstwhile Dire Straits bandmate, Guy. 

But we can be sure that Knopfler, a major audiophile as well as a musical genius, wouldn’t be using the E30 merely as a favour. It really is special. There is a tendency in one-piece speakers to eschew the never-great stereo and concentrate on quality mono, offering the option (as with Apple’s HomePod) to harness two devices if you want to produce proper stereo. Orbitsound, however, has a brilliant patented speaker system up its sleeve. “Airsound” uses speakers located all around the E30 to produce not only great stereo, but stereo that sounds the same wherever in the room you are listening. It’s almost like one of those portraits whose eyes follow you around.


Other great features in the E30: superb bass, which can be enhanced further with the optional S4 wireless sub; wireless charging for phones; a useful USB-C charging point on the fascia; and an old-fashioned but very handy slot on the top in which a phone, tablet screen or iPod can be stood upright and used as an operation panel. Very nice British tech from Shoreditch via Torquay.


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