A dead-eye device for paint colour matching

The app-enabled pocket-size Datacolour ColorReader can identify a near-identical shade to the one on the wall in seconds

Datacolor ColorReader, €119 plus shipping
Datacolor ColorReader, €119 plus shipping | Image: Hugh Therlfall

This neat little device is from an American company I’ve never heard of, in a home product category I didn’t know existed – colour-matching technology. We’ve all been to an upmarket paint shop – the type with, literally, 50 shades of grey in its range – to try to get the exact colour for a project. And we’ve all realised that colour charts are never quite enough; as for using an in-store colour-matching machine, it’s no good if you no longer have a physical sample of the paint you desire. The Datacolor ColorReader, however, overcomes both of these obstacles.


You just place the its beady eye on a colour, connect to the accompanying phone app and immediately see a faithful sample of that colour on your screen, colour number and possible matches. The app works for iPhone and Android. Although the reader itself is easy to use, the app instructions are not obvious, but not, ultimately, beyond the wit of man and woman. Clever stuff.


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