The desktop planter that’s rocket fuel to lettuce

Click & Grow’s LED-lit Smart Garden 9 system makes cultivating edible plants so easy it’s ridiculous

Smart Garden 9, €200
Smart Garden 9, €200 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

This summer’s lettuce shortage, occasioned by the exceptionally hot weather, did not affect me. In fact, I was enjoying a bumper harvest of sweet, pesticide-free lettuce grown on my office window ledge, 30cm from my desk, thanks to this enlarged Smart Garden by Click & Grow, the Estonia-based indoor mini-farm specialist. I featured its second product, which accommodated three of its own‑make smart pots, 18 months ago. 

The new Smart Garden 9, as the name hints, has nine pots. So, as I write, I have a forest of lettuce, as well as a serious amount of basil and three mini tomato plants, which are still flowering but look as if they’ll soon be pregnant with fruit. 


Click & Grow has also upgraded the technology. The adjustable-height LED lights, which are programmed to switch on and off to give your office crops the optimum light exposure, have both white and red bulbs to give a wide spectrum of beneficial rays (my lettuces grew from seed to edible in a mere three weeks). The system really does make growing edible – or, if you choose flowers, beautiful – plants so easy it’s ridiculous. Your only contribution is topping up the water, and even that is aided by the clever water-level indicator.