A very smart, app-controlled meat thermometer

Meater will report back to your iPhone or Android on the progress of your roast

Meater, £90
Meater, £90 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

If you fancy, there might be one or two barbecues left in the late summer (or you’re already thinking about winter roasts) and if, like me, you’re not the most confident of cooks when it comes to internal meat temperatures, this app-connected gadget is one for you. Electronic meat thermometers, and even wireless ones that connect to an external reader (usually of some clunkiness), have been around for quite a while. But the Meater (geddit?) is a brilliant and practical modern spin on the concept.


Plunge Meater into your joint and it will advise, before you close the oven door, on what the safe internal meat temperature should be when it’s finished. Once cooking has started, it will relay progress to an iPhone or Android. You and your phone will need to stay fairly close to the oven or barbecue to stay connected, but it will send alerts to an iPhone if you’re otherwise busy about the house.


You’ll also love the cute wooden charging case (one AA battery is good for 100 charges), which turns the Meater on whenever you take it out. The case will also cling magnetically to a fridge. Nice tech, great app. Go cook…

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