The all-singing, all-dancing retro streaming system

High-tech stereo sound is mixed with old-school charm in Como Audio’s superior, CD-playing Musica

Como Audio Musica, from £699
Como Audio Musica, from £699 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Two years ago, I discovered the Duetto by Como Audio, the Boston company founded by Tom DeVesto after he sold Tivoli, which had popularised the modern-but-retro-looking take on the mains-operated table radio. The Duetto was the top dog in a range of great-sounding and beautifully made radio/music-streaming players that gave access to most of the music content available today using old-school controls like buttons and knobs. Now Como has added another retro, but cunningly targeted, feature in this, its Musica model, which has the same great stereo and manual controls, but a CD slot too. Mr DeVesto argues that millions of CDs still sell. “Everyone talks about streaming CD-quality music,” he says. “Well, one easy way to achieve CD quality is with CDs.” Como’s engineers have done more than put in what they say is an unusually robust CD drive; in the Musica, they have added an ethernet connection, two additional presets with direct access from the remote, aluminium knobs and more integrated premium music streaming services. It delivers high-end stereo sound from a feature-packed machine that is handsome and practical enough to suit any room in the house; it can also be set up to work as a multiroom system with other Como products. Nothing not to love here.


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