Video-call-capable, GPS-tracking smartwatch for kids

A cool-looking bit of kit that will give parents peace of mind

DokiWatch, $224 including shipping
DokiWatch, $224 including shipping | Image: Hugh Threlfall

If you have a young child who has just gone back to school, they could hardly fail to love this – and, more to the point, you will feel a lot happier for buying it. The DokiWatch is from Hong Kong and is promoted, accurately, as the most advanced smartwatch for kids. 


With a Doki, your child can make video or voice calls and message you, all without a smartphone, which so many of us feel is a bit wrong for a young child.  Additionally, the DokiWatch has GPS location tracking for emergencies. You can even set zones to alert you if Junior wanders beyond a set boundary. So you get a measure of security, while the child gets something cooler than their friends’ phones. 


As the design ethos suggests, we’re talking 6-12-year-olds for this gadget, which comes in Sonic Blue, Shark Grey and Dazzle Pink. Beware of one slight niggle: the DokiWatch requires a 3G SIM of a specific type. With an early prototype, I found myself emailing extensively back and forth with Doki Towers in Hong Kong before I sorted this out and got the right SIM. But I’m pleased to say Doki has now put together a set of easy-to-follow instructions, meaning you won’t have to contend with frustrated or disappointed children.