Microsoft’s ultra-powerful new Surface Book 2

The game-raising Surface Book 2 is a huge tablet as well as a laptop – and has an impressively crystal-clear screen

Microsoft Surface Book 2, from £1,149
Microsoft Surface Book 2, from £1,149 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

There’s a view among some in tech that Microsoft is a bit of a dinosaur, still dependent on 30-year-old business software for its income. Although I have had my problems with Microsoft Office and migrated to Macs years ago, my view is that Microsoft’s hardware has quietly been raising its game. I constantly see people in business lounges and cool coffee shops using its Surface tablet/keyboard combos. A couple of years ago I showed Technopolis TV viewers Microsoft’s hyper-adaptable laptop, the Surface Book, with its ability to morph from heavy-use office machine to tablet and back again. Now it has an update that really gives Apple and all the PC brands pause for thought. The Surface Book 2 is, by some measures, five times more powerful than the original, lighter and has – killer feature – a battery life of 17 hours. I have been trying the 13in version, but there’s also a 15in that makes a cogent case for itself against the biggest MacBook Pro. Not only is it a huge tablet as well as a laptop – it also has a screen of an impressive crystal-clear quality. The 15in with 16GB of memory, a terabyte of storage, a graphics card and the Intel Core i7 processor does bring you up to £2,349, but it’s worth it.


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