Dyson’s new domestic demon of an air-filtering smart fan

Pure Cool not only swooshes filtered air, er, coolly around a room, it will also tell you how it’s doing pollutants-wise

Dyson Pure Cool, £500
Dyson Pure Cool, £500 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Let’s clear the air, joke intended, about this, er, super-cool room fan from Dyson. This is the Pure Cool, new for this summer. And although it may look similar – aka identical – to the Dyson Pure Cool Link, which fans, ha ha, of the Wiltshire brand will have seen in stores for the past couple of years, it is radically different. 

Dyson has been keen for a while on making its appliances part of your connected smart home setup, but apart from giving its marvellous but accident-prone £800 360 Eye robot vacuum the ability to bleat at you while you’re at work that it’s stuck under the sofa (again), it’s been hard to see the point of a fan being able to discuss matters with its owner remotely.


The Pure Cool tips the balance in favour of connected appliances because, while it’s swooshing air filtered of even the tiniest particles around your room, it’s also monitoring air quality and telling you how it’s doing pollutants-wise. After setting the Pure Cool up in my bedroom, I checked it over time against the Awair pollution monitor I also had working there (the device I reported on in May) and the two agreed precisely.

Another clever feature of the Pure Cool: although a room fan is a delight on these hot August days, in chillier, more British weather you are unlikely to use one. But a diffuse mode on this model routes the airflow backwards, so you still get full-room purification, without the cooling.


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