Bespoke unshakeable moulds for wireless earphones

Snugs Only will ensure your wireless earphones never fall out of your ears

Snugs Only for AirPods, £199.95
Snugs Only for AirPods, £199.95 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I have recently noticed a sharp increase in the number of people I see around and about wearing Apple’s AirPod true wireless earphones – true wireless you will remember, if you have been paying attention, meaning earbuds that are independently powered and involve no wires at all.

AirPods are superb – they connect with other Apple devices faultlessly and sound good – but one complaint I’ve heard from several people is that they won’t stay in their ears.


Snugs, the customised earbud specialist down in Somerset, has solved this problem with its new Snugs Only, which can be ordered for most of the burgeoning variety of true wireless earphone models, including AirPods.

Snugs Only are made individually from ear impressions the company takes digitally at Selfridges in London or one of its fitting centres around the country. The moulds then slip over each earphone, which is tricky until you figure out how to do it, easy thereafter, whereupon your earphones will sit as if welded into your ears and will sound louder and better. When I tried my Snugs Only with AirPods the sound became a lot bassier, so you may need to adjust the hidden equaliser settings deep in your iPhone. As to the aesthetics – don’t be attracted by the wide range of colours Snugs offers, keep it low-key and go for white.


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