Ultra gym-friendly headphones with unshakeable Bluetooth

RHA’s MA750s combine hifi quality with the ability to stick firmly to the ears

RHA MA750 Wireless earphones, £150
RHA MA750 Wireless earphones, £150 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Glasgow’s own RHA headphones are remarkably successful, especially in the US, where they crop up in airport shops seemingly everywhere. You’d be hard pushed, though, to know they come from Scotland: if I were RHA, I’d go the whole haggis and package them in tartan like shortbread; RHA goes for good taste instead.


Its new MA750s are the most gym-friendly headphones I have come across, combining hifi quality with the ability to stick firmly even to ears that reject other headphones thanks to wire loops – but comfortable ones – behind the ears. They are neckband-style headphones, which can be clumsy, but the design and execution is robust and clever. The earbuds themselves cling magnetically to one another with a satisfying click when you take them out of your ears. After I had given them my audio seal of approval, my youngest daughter trialled the MA750s in the gym and pronounced them unshakeable – as indeed is their wireless connectivity. I wish I understood how some electronic devices have better Bluetooth than others; I assume it’s down to which grade of Bluetooth module you buy in Shenzhen’s electronics markets.

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