The “handshake”-style desk mouse designed to banish RSI

Comfort is key to the Evoluent Mouse C – a vertical and ergonomic mouse with serious on-screen precision

Evoluent Mouse C, £143.99
Evoluent Mouse C, £143.99 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

It’s hard to get particularly excited about a computer mouse, I know, and yet the physical costs of using an unergonomic one day in day out are all too common. BakkerElkhuizen is a Dutch company that specialises in tech to make office life more comfortable and healthy. Sit-stand desks, tablet holders and monitor stands all feature in its boring-but-important remit. As do ergonomic mice, and this, the vertical Evoluent C model (there are others, for right- and left-handers, some of them wireless), which BakkerElkhuizen sources from California, could be a breakthrough if you find the standard flat-mouse position awkward and pain-inducing. 


It is the latest in a line of “handshake”-style mice from Evoluent, which has led the field of a very few rivals since proposing the idea to Microsoft in 1994 – and being turned down. You need to try a vertical mouse to see if it works for you. Although I’ve always been happy with Logitech’s gamer-style mice for office use (I’ll be reviewing its latest soon), I can see how the Evoluent fits the hand much more naturally and comfortably, and is also a little more accurate if you need serious on-screen precision. Expensive, but a non-glamorous investment that could pay off.

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