A rugged yet refined Range Rover of a speaker

Acoustic Energy’s muscular-looking Aego BT2 Bluetooth speaker sounds light and lively, and with its huge battery life is perfect for an outdoor party

Acoustic Energy Aego BT2, £250
Acoustic Energy Aego BT2, £250 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Even though there are an awful lot of Bluetooth speakers on the market, it’s hard not to be well disposed towards one from a company in Gloucestershire, land of Land Rovers. And the Acoustic Energy Aego BT2 is a bit of a Range Rover in a field of less muscular competitors. The BT2 is solidly built – it weighs in at a reassuringly brawny 2kg – sounds accordingly big and solid, and has an impressive battery pack on board, which, fully charged and with the 40 watts of stereo volume on at up to 50 per cent, will keep going for a remarkable 36 hours. That’s enough to supply the audio background for a lot of convivial Gloucestershire barbecues 


The BT2 is not a boomy bass box, however, in spite of its chunky size (20cm x 14cm x 10cm) and weight. In fact, I would characterise its sound as light and lively, exiting as it does through two front-facing 6cm drivers and side-firing bass – but not too bassy – radiators. If I have portrayed the sturdy, all-metal BT2 thus far as an outdoor player (and the huge battery life along with a port at the back from which you can charge a phone in the garden does enhance that sense), it is also a fine machine for home and office use. It sounds excellent and loud indoors; its premium materials, finish and feel make it cool and desirable; and it has a microphone, so if it’s on your desk it will connect with a phone for speakerphone calls.

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