A portable power pack that’ll set Google Home free

Use Google Home anywhere in the house with the Loft mains-free, battery base

Ninety7 Loft for Google Home, £49.95
Ninety7 Loft for Google Home, £49.95 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Back in October last year, I reported on the Vaux, a device that enables Amazon Dot owners to take their mains-connected conversational computer walkabout around the home, home office, wherever – and by the by, to improve the little Dot’s tinny sound quality. The Vaux incorporates a rechargeable battery sufficient to power the Dot for a few hours. I’ve found the quietly effective Vaux to be one of the gadgets I use at home the most: it’s extremely handy for use in a bathroom, garage, patio, all kinds of places.


Now the same Illinois company has created the Loft for the rather smarter Google Home speaker, which won the cleverness stakes against Amazon’s pioneering Alexa when I compared them for Technopolis TV last year. Since Google Home already has an OK speaker, Loft doesn’t need to enhance the pot-shaped device’s audio, so Loft is just a battery housing. Bearing in mind that Apple’s HomePod speaker is not really a contender for the top home-hub crown – because its Siri is nowhere near as nimble as Alexa and Google Home – the Loft is rather a big deal, in a small way. Google Home fans should find being able to use it mains free wherever they like (within the scope of their WiFi) is as modestly life-enhancing as my Vaux has been.

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