A dashcam with eyes in the back of its head

For drivers wanting to keep close tabs on their fellow road users, the DDPai X2 Pro dashcam has cameras front and back – and even records when parked

DDPai X2 Pro, £279
DDPai X2 Pro, £279 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Like a proper old geezer, I am convinced that driving standards everywhere are going down. So the need for a dashcam to prove your accident really was the other lunatic’s fault is becoming ever greater. 

This, the DDPai X2 Pro from a Chinese company founded by a group of engineers from Huawei, takes dashcams into a new realm for a number of reasons, but one above all. The X2 in the name is because it’s actually two dashcams – one for the front and one for the rear, where so much insane driving, especially tailgating, takes place. While it would be ideal for the rear camera to be powered independently and wireless, this is not the case; you need to conceal a wire down the length of the car for the rear cam. Sounds like one for an expert to install, but it only took me an hour.


The X2 Pro doesn’t have an in-car screen, which makes it a lot neater and less distracting than other dashcams – all the footage is viewable on the smartphone app. The Huawei guys have also thought a lot about what people want. So the cams can continue to record when you’re parked, which is a huge bonus. They also have digital image stabilisation for bumpy roads and a button to stop recording in-car audio if you’re having a confidential discussion. 

DDPai has also been diligent about including one feature no grown-up could surely ever want – social media connectivity. So, yes, you can “share” amusing or horrifying footage on all the usual platforms and even become part of a user community. Just please promise me you won’t. 


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