A tiny electronic location device with super powers

TrackR’s new Pixel thing-finder is smaller, lighter and lounder than its previous offering

TrackR Pixel, from £24.99 for one to £99.99 for eight
TrackR Pixel, from £24.99 for one to £99.99 for eight | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Here’s some good news in gadget-tastic style for chronic losers (of keys, wallets, etc) like me. A couple of years ago, I reported on a new Bluetooth thing-finder from TrackR, a company started by two engineering students at the University of California in Santa Barbara, who lost their car keys on the beach while surfing. I was excited back in 2016 to report that the TrackR Bravo, a 31mm-diameter, 3.5mm-thick disc weighing just 7g, was little bigger than a 50p coin – with an 82dB find-me squeal and a 30m range.


Well now TrackR has this, the Pixel, a 26.2mm disc, a little fatter at 5.6mm deep, but weighing just 4g, which makes it like a slightly thickened – but much lighter – 10p piece. The Pixel is, indeed, the lightest and titchiest electronic location device I have been able to, er, locate. It has the same range of 30m and a slightly louder 90dB sound – a horrendously penetrating high-pitched racket. The Pixel also lights up blue when it’s playing hide-and-seek with you, which is surprisingly useful. And another thing: while the main rival devices – the excellent Tile range I’ve reported on both in my Technopolis column and on Technopolis TV – have a sealed-in battery and have to be sent back to Tile for replacement, the TrackR Pixel has a (fiddly as heck) removable back into which you can slot a new CR2016 button battery. Each Pixel, and they can sensibly be bought in multipacks, also has a key loop and a double-sided adhesive disc for sticking it to stuff.

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