A home air-quality monitor taking the fight to dust

Give your health an extra boost, and stay on top of airborne dust and pollution, by adding an Awair to your home

Awair, £159
Awair, £159 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

There is a growing body of opinion that indoor air quality is a major factor in health. A study of 6,000 people at Norway's University of Bergen showed that regular exposure to cleaning products, and the VoCs (volatile organic compounds) therein, significantly affects lung function. 


All power, then, to the recent proliferation of home gadgets to monitor indoor air quality. Since I reported on the Luxembourg-designed Foobot (from which I learnt that even turning on a gas ring should be cause to open a window), the renowned Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ranked the device among the four best air quality monitors. Down the list a little, but not too far, was the Awair, from a San Francisco startup. Even if you have a Foobot or equivalent monitoring your home, I’d make a case for accessorising it with an Awair – or indeed a fleet of Awairs. 


As well as keeping tabs on VoCs, CO2, temperature and humidity, the Awair monitors airborne dust, which I always find is worst in bedrooms. In addition, it happens to look pretty and restful, with a calming digital display that can be configured as a clock as well as a pollution readout. Awair also has an informative app, as good as, yet different from Foobot’s. The more information you get on this aspect of your home the better, I think. I have also found its readings side by side with the Foobot to be almost identical.

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