Uber-stylish special-edition noise-isolating headphones

The Moshi x Grey Jason Wu Avanti headphones pair fashion-designer flair with a rich, sophisticated sound

Moshi x Grey Jason Wu Avanti headphones, £225
Moshi x Grey Jason Wu Avanti headphones, £225 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I almost never feature designer variations – or gold-plated, diamond-studded versions – of electronic products. So excuse me if I break the rule for these excellent, but above all fantastic‑looking, special-edition headphones from Moshi, a San Francisco audio and tech accessories company. They have been designed by Jason Wu, who created Michelle Obama’s outfits for both of her husband’s inaugurations. 


The Moshi x Grey Jason Wu Avanti headphones – there’s a mouthful – had been on my doomed products shelf for a couple of months before my daughter-in-law spotted them. The shelf had previously been graced by another Moshi product, a wireless speaker that I rejected for this page as, although it looked beautiful, it was plasticky and decidedly not special. D-in‑law proclaimed Wu’s headphones the most stylish and comfortable she had ever seen. I then had a listen to them and, to my surprise, found them really quite classy. Build, looks and fit‑wise, there’s more than a bit of the ever-popular Sennheiser Momentum about them and, like those, they seal off outside noise superbly. The decent-sized high-resolution neodymium 40mm drivers produce a rich, sophisticated sound.

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