A beautifying, talking AI mirror

HiMirror Plus+ examines your appearance and offers tips on how to look your best

HiMirror Plus+, £318
HiMirror Plus+, £318 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

The HiMirror Plus+ is like something the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World programme would have enthused about in the 1970s. “By 2000,” Raymond Baxter would have been telling us, “we may be saying, ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall…’ to a gadget like this – and getting make-up tips in response from inside the mirror itself.” And with the inexorable march of AI, it’s probably not long before such Cyclops-like gadgets, chock-full of smart technology, will be an everyday part of the decor of our bedrooms and bathrooms. 


It is great geeky fun, but you do need patience to wait for the device to process the information and proffer its solution. The camera charts every detail of your skin, from fine lines and wrinkles to dark and red spots, and hands down advice on which product types (not brands) might help you out. The device is operated by remote control, hand gestures or voice commands, so you really can talk to it like the wicked queen in Snow White


Admittedly, I was not the ideal tester. I had several days’ stubble and bleary eyes when I tried it, and crashed it. But this technology is here to stay and it’s only going to get slicker to use and more aesthetically pleasing to gaze upon.

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