Connect wirelessly to any screen, anywhere

The Airtame is a boon for companies, schools and universities, allowing anyone, using almost any device, to display content on a TV screen

Airtame, €299
Airtame, €299 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

The Airtame is a boon for any business with a BYOD – bring your own device – tech policy. For those not familiar with the concept, many firms have submitted to pressure from employees to allow people to use their own, suitably secured, phones, tablets and laptops for work. Airtame is designed for companies, schools, universities and the like to allow anyone – employee or visitor, using almost any device – to display content on a TV screen. Plug an Airtame into the HDMI port of a TV (or projector) and material beams to it by WiFi. You can also show content to a group of screens – in, say, a conference centre – if an Airtame is plugged into each. 


I need to flag two caveats. While you could use an Airtame at home, and in my tests it worked superbly, consumers don’t really need it. Whether you have an Apple, Android or Windows home ecosystem, there are cheaper ways – Apple TV and Google Chromecast – to “throw” material wirelessly onto a non-smart TV. Secondly, a totally adaptable Airtame setup is some way short of a cinch for a non-IT wonk. There were, for instance, at time of writing, a few restrictions on Android functionality, which Airtame was working on. But if Airtame is right for your business, beg your IT department to make it happen.

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