The desktop port every mobile needs

The Invoxia NVX 200 turns a mobile phone into a virtual desktop landline fit for the 21st century

Invoxia NVX 200, £209
Invoxia NVX 200, £209 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

It was only 18 months ago that I started using a mobile when working at my desk – hence, perhaps, fully joining the 21st century – after moving out of a notorious cellular blackspot and into a location with a decent signal. Until then I’d remained reliant on my landline deskphone – a device that almost everybody else I know has long since consigned to the dustbin. But spare a thought for this trusty old device. For all a mobile offers in terms of convenience and portability (need to make a brew in the middle of an interminable work call? No problem), an old-school landline still has ergonomic advantages.


Wise to this, Invoxia of Paris has, in recent years, produced a number of desktop ports into which a mobile phone can be plugged and turned into a virtual old-fashioned desktop landline. Its latest, slickest and easiest to use, the NVX 200, offers a traditional handset, a conference facility and terrific audio quality for speakerphone. It also keeps the mobile on charge.


One thing the NVX 200 also addresses is something I’ve noticed we hear little of these days – the potential negative health effects of mobiles. The mobile industry has probably been saved a huge problem by the diminishing use of voice calls; we spend vastly more time texting than talking. But anyone who makes long mobile calls will likely still be concerned. The Invoxia helps negate that issue.

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