A soundbase to big up your TV

Q-Acoustics’ compact M2 soundbase offers crisp, punchy sound enhanced by a down-firing subwoofer and Bluetooth

Q Acoustics M2, £299
Q Acoustics M2, £299 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

My elder brother is a tech man to his core. Despite being, in my eyes, a bit of an idiot, he’s way brighter than me and has a degree in electronics, which makes him more suited to this lark than me with my BA (Hons) Politics. Or maybe not. I went over to his recently to watch a football game. He has a good, mid-range TV. But then he turned the sound up, and – no kidding – it was like an amplified telephone. “How can you listen to that?” I asked, quite genuinely. It was hideous. He did the hurt “who-me?” face he’s done for the past 50 years and opined that his TV sounded really good. “I have to sort out your TV audio,” I said. “You will not know yourself.” 


I may well be getting him this new M2 soundbase from Q Acoustics of Bishop’s Stortford. Soundbases are shorter and fatter than soundbars and I rather prefer them, especially as you can stand a TV on a soundbase – hence the name. The M2 is 15cm shorter than the already diminutive £299 Orbitsound One P70 that I reviewed last July and liked so much that I installed one in my bedroom.


Q’s M2 sounds as good as or even marginally better than the Orbitsound. I had previously tried Q’s M4 soundbar, which serious audio nuts have been loving since 2014. The M2 offers the same quality, but is much more compact. It has crisp, punchy sound, where some soundbars are just ponderous and bass-y. Q’s Balance Mode Radiator technology, which spreads the sound out fairly wide, is enhanced by a down-firing subwoofer. It also offers aptX Bluetooth, so you can put its talents to work as a mini sound system too.

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