A digital fridge magnet that acts as a home hub

The Triby combines Amazon’s Alexa technology with Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem to automate everything from heating to curtains

Triby, £159
Triby, £159 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

A couple of years ago, I made a Technopolis TV video on Triby, a new device from the endlessly inventive small Paris company Invoxia. Triby was, effectively, a giant fridge magnet that worked as a communications centre and smart speaker for families. It was clever but, its best friend would have to concede, a little gimmicky.


Well, Triby has come of age. It now combines Amazon’s Alexa technology with Apple’s HomeKit home automation ecosystem and suddenly looks like a near-indispensable hub for anyone interested in home automation. This new Triby, still called just Triby, can control lighting, heating, curtains and dozens of other home functions.


OK, you would need to be a serious, nay, psychotic, home-automation dweeb to allow Triby to do everything it can do. The secret to such devices, I am finding, is not to be panicked or shamed into utilising all its functions. Pick and choose: if you just want a portable, good-quality internet radio that can use its built-in temperature and humidity sensors to control your heating – and also work as a portal to Alexa – then don’t worry that you’re not also using its ability to control your lighting. Remember this is fun technology, not a burdensome necessity, so enjoy.

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