A liquid-ink printer that won’t need a refill for three years

The Epson ET-4750 prints double-sided and has an innovative, mess-free ink-filling system

Epson ET-4750, £480
Epson ET-4750, £480 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Epson keeps improving its remarkable liquid-ink printers, of which I’m a big fan and use daily. As I’ve said here previously, I don’t care how wealthy you or your company are, you’d still have to be inhuman not to be mortified by the cost of regular printer ink, which can be as much per cubic centimetre as fine perfume. 


This, Epson’s ET-4750, is radically different from the ET-2600, which I used and reported on last June. The ET-4750 is priced at £480, but comes with an estimated three years’ worth of ink at typical small-office usage – 14,000 pages in black and 11,200 in colour. The ink-filling system has been hugely improved to the point where it’s practically impossible to get inky fingers on the incredibly rare occasions when you need to refill the front-mounted tanks. 


The ET-4750 also does double-sided printing faultlessly. The paper tray takes 250 sheets, which is great. And… drumroll… the machine can also be a fax should you be in a retro-tech mood. Hardly necessary these days, but handy to have, I guess. Print quality ranges from good to truly excellent.

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