A desktop speaker system that delivers mighty sound

The Minirig 2.1 comes with an all-important subwoofer, but also works in a highly portable mono-speaker setup

Minirig 2.1, £370, also available in other colours
Minirig 2.1, £370, also available in other colours | Image: Hugh Threlfall

This made-in-the-UK desktop/small-room speaker system from British company Minirig was one of those products that arrive quickly at Technopolis Towers after ordering, but then spend an inordinate amount of time languishing on my shelves because more pressing gadgets waylay my attention. Yet when I finally tried the 2.1 speaker system, with the all-important subwoofer, I wished I had got to it earlier. It is quirky, as befits a small British brand, but it’s solidly built, interesting looking, sets up easily – and sounds impressive. Really impressive. I tested it – as one of many possible permutations – with the two speakers and sub wired together while receiving music by Bluetooth, but it’s possible to have both speakers fed wirelessly. 


The Minirig 2.1 reminded me of a more utilitarian, Land Rover Defender-ish take on the niche-y boutique-y mini hifis made in Oregon by Joey Roth, which I have often featured here. Roth’s products are way more stylish but much more expensive and need to be shipped from the US, with all the attendant problems. Minirig is in Bristol, which makes things simpler. The speakers are also portable, which is a big bonus, although when travelling, you’d probably opt to carry just one and enjoy its good mono reproduction.


Soundwise, I think it’s a close-run thing between Roth and Minirig – certainly, few will be disappointed by the Bristolian offering.

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