Superbly comfy, very British noise-cancelling headphones

Bowers & Wilkins’ PXs outperform Bose’s QuietComfort 35s and look, well, splendid

Bowers & Wilkins PX, £330
Bowers & Wilkins PX, £330 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I’ve been recommending some esoteric headphones of late. There were the fiddly but sparkling Even H1s from Israel, the weird but magnificent Nuraphones from Australia – and there’s something eccentric in the post from China as I write. Here, though is a thoroughly conservative, natural-sounding, beautiful-looking and superbly made new entrant from Worthing, Sussex. 


Bowers & Wilkins’ PXs are wireless noise-cancelling headphones – B&W’s first – and I think they are a squeak better than the world-dominant Bose QuietComfort 35s for sound quality. They don’t do anything electronically fancy to your music – what you have is what you hear, and you hear it very beautifully. 


The PXs have the HD version of Bluetooth aptX, so faithfully stream from the latest music players. The PX app is a spare affair that enables you to customise the noise-cancelling level or turn it off. You can also fiddle with the PXs’ automatic features: extending the 22-hour (yes, really) battery life by having them turn off when you remove them, for example. The noise cancelling is fine if not extraordinary, but the PXs clamp your head firmly in their soft grip, so cut a lot of noise just by closing off your ears. I would certainly wear these sans musique on a long flight to create my own quiet bubble. Lovely, stylish, solid British tech.

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