A projector that turns any surface into a touchscreen

The Sony Xperia Touch can be used to create motion-sensitive wall clocks and giant Skype screens

Sony Xperia Touch, from £1,400
Sony Xperia Touch, from £1,400 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

The Xperia Touch from ever-clever Sony is a screenless, keyboard-less projector that can turn a tabletop into a games arcade and a wall into a giant Skype screen.


Open it on Christmas Day and you’ll be playing with it day in, day out. Even your ancient parents will be shaking their heads and saying, “What will they think of next?” Games with the Xperia Touch are a delightful novelty and you will probably convince yourself that the gadget – and it is very much a gadget in my view – is what you’ve always been looking for. But come January 4 or so, unless you have a specific application in mind or are just super-inventive, you may struggle to find a use for it. Projecting recipes onto your kitchen wall? Maybe. Using it as a clock that senses your presence as you enter a room and throws the time onto the wall? OK. Setting it up as a message board for home or office to share info with family or colleagues? All right. Splurging PowerPoint presentations across a boardroom table when the world really gets going again in mid-January? If you must.


See what I mean? It’s superb tech, executed as only Sony knows how. But a solution in search of a problem it probably is, and as such may not quite catch on. But what do I know? I once said the same about online shopping.

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