An app-operated key safe that can be controlled remotely

The Master Lock Smart Key Safe boosts security and avoids confusion when granting multiple access to home or office

Master Lock Select Access Smart, £125
Master Lock Select Access Smart, £125 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

If you are rubbish with keys, if you need to give employees or contractors access to your office or home, if you have a property you Airbnb – I could go on with instances – this superb key safe from Master Lock of Milwaukee will both increase your security and save you a potential heap of misery and confusion.


Its Select Access Smart is a fine amalgam of engineering and electronics. It can be easily mounted on the wall outside a door and, physically, it is exceptionally robust. Correction, seems to be – I did not have an opportunity to test it with the How To Spend It office sledgehammer, but I am confident that even if you could remove it from a wall, you would still need industrial equipment to crack it open: it is reassuringly heavy.


The numbers also light up in blue to enable you to punch in your five-digit code – which I actually prefer to using the accompanying iOS and Android phone app as Master Lock prefers you to. What the eLocks app is great for, though, is changing the code remotely, setting additional codes for temporary users, monitoring who visits and when, and warning of low battery or of anyone tampering with the safe. Lovely, practical, reliable tech at its best.

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