Breathing new life into an old-school iPod dock

The Layen iSync transforms the use of old speakers or ageing hotel-room sound systems

Layen iSync, £22
Layen iSync, £22 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Reader David Neckar writes from Oxfordshire with a product tip, and it’s a good ’un. “I hesitate to recommend something very simple and low-brow,” he writes, “but I think your readers might be interested in the little 30-pin Bluetooth gadget I have just bought that has completely transformed my use of a couple of old, but perfectly functioning, Bose and Altec Lansing speakers.”


David’s find is an accessory he got on Amazon for £22. It weighs just 5g, so could live unobtrusively in a corner of your business travel bag. And every now and then, when you find the in-room sound system, even in some quite good hotels, is an old Bose iPod dock with the original 30-pin Apple connector, you will be able to enjoy the gift of proper, loud music from your modern Lightning-plug-equipped iPhone or, indeed, any portable device with Bluetooth. 


The Layen clips onto the ancient 30-pin socket and converts the dock into a wireless receiver. At the time of writing, the Layen iSync has an extraordinary 1,525 user reviews on Amazon UK, of which 1,408 are four- and five-star. I think the gadget public has spoken on this one. And if you are the owner of a hotel that still has old-school 30-pin docks in the rooms, it may be worth investing in these little guys to keep the customers happy.

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