An eco-friendly – and rather beautiful – air cooler

EvaLight is a quiet and stylish portable air-conditioning unit that uses only 10 watts of power

EvaLight Personal Air Cooler, €180
EvaLight Personal Air Cooler, €180 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

If it’s an Indian summer in the UK when you read this – or you’re off to your place in the sun – this could be the perfect, eco-friendly solution to keeping cool. EvaLight, a portable personal air cooler that uses only 10 watts of power, is the first Cypriot product I’ve ever featured. It’s perfect for cooling, say, a desk or bedside area without the need for energy-gulping air-conditioning. It also really works: one day last summer, when the temperature at my desk was 28°C, the EvaLight’s well-designed LED dashboard showed it was wafting a wide stream of nicely humidified air at 21°C towards me. Losing 7°C with minimal power consumption is quite a feat.


The 17cm-cube works by forcing air through a waterlogged filter. It’s not a new principle; I have a cheap Chinese gadget that does the same thing, as does, roughly, a wet cloth over a fan. But the EvaLight does it better – and stylishly. Although plastic, it looks rather beautiful in action. It’s also quiet and lasts a good couple of hours before needing a water fill-up.

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