A powerful new tracker for those little things that get lost

Tiles’ Pro range has double the range of its previous Bluetooth tracking devices

Tile Pro series, £30 each; £50 for a pack of two
Tile Pro series, £30 each; £50 for a pack of two | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I am a big-time loser of stuff – keys, wallet, phone, laptop – especially in unfamiliar surroundings. So in every hotel room I now designate a special spot for all my paraphernalia, but it still goes wrong at some point – often after the housekeeper has tidied the room.


When Bluetooth tracking devices came along, my life improved immeasurably. First up was Tile, which I featured in a Technopolis TV video back in 2014. Since then imitators, some of them pretty good, have come along, and a “community” of Tile users has also grown up, looking for each others’ lost items. 


Now Tile has come up with this aggressive upgrade of its products, and the Pro range – in grey Sport and white/gold Style versions – are quite something. They have a doubled, 200ft range in open country – less in a house, but still impressive – and a ring that’s twice the original loudness. There’s a range of other neat abilities. For example, if you have the Tile (say, on a bunch of keys) but can’t find your phone, you can ring it, even if it’s on silent. 

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