Personally tailored headphones with gig-quality sound

The unusual wireless Nuraphones automatically adjust to suit your individual hearing

Nuraphones, £349
Nuraphones, £349 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Last month, I looked at the superb Even H1 headphones from Israel, a pair of cans that can be tailored to their owner’s hearing, or, as Even puts it, work like spectacles for the ears. Well, here is Australia’s riposte, headphones so unusual the Melbourne company behind the product doesn’t even refer to them as headphones, but as Nuraphones. 


The Nuraphones are heavier and just under twice the price of the Even H1s. The operating system – I call it that because it’s more than a control app – is smoother, less fiddly and more sophisticated. They are wireless (I have yet to try the wireless version of the H1s and will report soon). And they adjust themselves to suit your individual hearing automatically rather than, as with the Even system, needing to enlist their owner’s help.


The sound? OK, it’s different. The Even H1s provide a delightfully subtle, crystal-clear audio, although with a big, impressive bass. The Nuraphones make a huge, gig-like sound with a massive bass heft – it’s really an immense woof of sound. A word on comfort: the Nuraphones are quite awkward, as they’re an odd over-ear/in-ear hybrid. I prefer the lightness of the Even H1s, but they are both fantastic products. There’s a case for having both, just as there’s a case for having burgundies and beaujolais in your wine cellar. This is a seriously exciting time for headphones.

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