A versatile games console for home and away

Nintendo’s Switch games console allows for seamless switching between TV and portable mode

Nintendo Switch, from £280
Nintendo Switch, from £280 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Games consoles that you plug into a TV have powerful graphics and ultra-immersive games. But on a flight or a trip, you have to resort to a phone, or, if you’re really into them, a portable console – which, despite having improved since Game Boy days, are still a bit lame.


The Nintendo Switch brilliantly blurs the lines between the two console types to make it the perfect travel companion for gamers (for gamers’ families less so, I guess). It can work with a TV for a full HD experience, or you can undock it and play en route on its 6.2in screen at 1280 x 720 pixels. The controllers can be configured in all kinds of ways: connected to each side of the device in portable mode; used wirelessly for multiplayer games; or docked to a hand grip for a more traditional console experience.


The Switch doesn’t produce graphics quite on a par with 4K monsters like Xbox and PlayStation. But flagship games such as Zelda and Skyrim look magnificent. And being able to seamlessly switch (you see what Nintendo was doing there with the name) between TV and portable mode is sublime.

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