A techie solution to poor posture

The Upright Go gadget won’t let its owner stoop

Upright Go, from £79
Upright Go, from £79 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Whether you are spending these darkest months (I speak for the top half of the northern hemisphere) sedentary or striding out across the moors, one thing your mother told you, that still applies now you’re all grown-up, is to sit up and stand straight. 


And this new techie aid to keeping a physically (and mentally) healthy posture, the Upright Go, is no slouch. I have a hunch – and that’s it for slumping references – that it’s helped me in short order to sit in a better configuration. That maker Upright is one of 0.1 per cent of companies to raise over $1m on Kickstarter speaks volumes about how badly we tend to sit these days, particularly those of you who, like me, spend a lot of time in front of a small laptop. The Go is a small white device whose sticky pad adheres well to the upper back. The pads work repeatedly, but can be renewed. It’s a simple piece of tech, but is executed exceptionally well and integrates, natch, with the inevitable iOS and Android app. By vibrating whenever you list forward too far, it trains you to sit properly, if only to avoid the deliberately annoying sensation of its buzzing.


The app is loaded with real-time postural statistics and analytics, generates customised training programmes and gives you an “Up Score” to motivate you. There are also plenty of in-app expert tips, techniques and video tutorials. And if you don’t get on with any of it, you can always sell it in a stoop sale (joke applies to North American readers only).

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