Shoot panoramas and time-lapse video without the wobble

This clever tripod head from Italian manufacturer Manfrotto transforms smartphone photography

Manfrotto Pixi Pano360, £125
Manfrotto Pixi Pano360, £125 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

We – me included – barely scratch the surface of our smartphones’ capabilities. When did you last take a panorama, for example? Or a time lapse video? One possible reason we don’t exploit artistic features is that they require the phone to be kept dead still – or in the case of the panorama, to be rotated steadily without wobbling. Not at all easy to get right hand-held.


Manfrotto is an Italian maker of clever camera accessories; this, a new remote-controlled motorised tripod head, is among its cleverest. It enables you to achieve a perfect 360-degree steady sweep for a panorama, or to trigger the phone from a distance to start a moving time-lapse. 


The Pixi Pano360 comes with a universal smartphone adaptor, but will also support a GoPro-type action camera or a small mirrorless or DSLR – just not a big, food mixer-size camera. For everything from wedding photos to sports to wildlife there’s scope for a whole new panorama of arty fun here.

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