A smart room-by-room “health” monitor

Netatmo’s Healthy Home Coach keeps an eye on temperature, humidity, air quality and sound levels

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, £90
Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, £90 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

This, from Paris internet-of-things artistes Netatmo, is one of the less obviously sexy gadgets that sometimes sit unopened on my shelves after I request a sample in a moment of mild, but clearly resistible, enthusiasm. 

The Healthy Home Coach promises to monitor several rooms in your home, with one unit per room, for a quartet of indicators of unhealthy environment. It keeps tabs on temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level and sound level, alerting you via a phone or iPad app to anything that needs attention.


The installation and ecosystem are as slick as you’d expect from Netatmo. I was surprised it doesn’t sense carbon monoxide or smoke, but realised that’s logical: what home doesn’t already have smoke and CO alarms?

So I set the device up on my office desk and waited for something to happen. But all it would say, boringly, was everything is fine. I would touch the button on top, see a green or blue light – oh, and then get an annoying phone notification that I’d checked. No idea why it does that.


But I succumbed wholly to the Healthy Home Coach when I was in my office one evening with the window closed. Within minutes, I got a buzz and a notification that the CO2 level was abnormal. And, yes, it was stuffy and slightly unpleasant. “Open a window”, the app suggested. I did, the level went back to good – and I was sold. I want them in other rooms now.

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