The USB lead of the future is here

The USB-C is set to sweep aside the iPhone Lightning connector, and Belkin is leading the way

Belkin DuraTek USB-C cable, £25
Belkin DuraTek USB-C cable, £25 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

This USB-C to USB-C lead is unquestionably the dullest product I have ever featured in this column but, trust me, you will thank me one day for recommending it. USB-C is creeping up on us. Half the phones I get sent to review use this universal new connector system for charging, and MacBooks famously use it for charging and all the other functions that used to be handled by rows of old-school USB ports. And there are rumours that later this year, the 10th anniversary iPhone 8 (which I suspect will just be called iPhone) will ditch the Lightning connector for USB-C.


One thing I can guarantee if you are already in USB-C world is that you are probably dissatisfied with the quality of your leads. My MacBook USB-C charger leads crack and break regularly, and cost £19 to replace.


Well, for £25 you can buy this Belkin fabric-covered lead. OK, it is 2ft shorter but it’s full of fancy materials – DuraTek and Kevlar – and guaranteed to be capable of being bent 5,000 times. I’m not sure what that would mean in practice, but the five-year warranty speaks for itself (a year would be a good run for my official Apple leads). Only shame is, the Belkin DuraTek cable doesn’t come in white, but there’s a silver one available that wouldn’t look out of place with a Mac.

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