Super-comfortable in-ear headphones with impressive sound

Aëdle’s leather-armed ODS-1s offer a good mix of sharp trebles and deep bass

Aëdle ODS-1, £299
Aëdle ODS-1, £299 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Emerging French headphone maker Aëdle has packaged its fine new in-ear model, the ODS-1, like a giant Chanel perfume bottle, only the box is considerably more lavish. It’s absurdly big, but the OOB (Out Of Box) experience is even better – among the best I’ve seen.

Inside, the ODS-1s are the perfect in-ears if you want to stand out on your travels from the white-cable crowd. Aëdle (a play on the Danish for “noble”) was founded in 2011, and I loved its debut VK-1 over-ear model, even if it was a bit heavy for its diminutive size.


The ODS-1s have been a while coming; Aëdle says it has taken a team of nine people 56 prototypes to achieve. Each acoustic chamber is made from machined aluminium, and the behind-the‑ear arms are wrapped in hand-stitched Italian leather.

The result is super-comfortable headphones that feel as if you could actually leave them in for a long flight. The sound is impressive: a good mix of sharp trebles and down‑in-your-boots bass, with pleasant mids right where they should be. Aesthetically distinctive, with notable audio quality. Bien fait.


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