The Apple Watch gets a serious upgrade

Jonathan Margolis is won over by the nifty improvements to the Series 2 smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 2, from £369
Apple Watch Series 2, from £369 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I am unashamedly a couple of months behind other reviewers in assessing the second iteration of the Apple Watch. I wanted to give the Series 2 a good, long test over time. I have done so, and as a result I am finding compelling reasons for loving it and becoming a habitual user – at least on work days (weekends and holidays, I will still wear a proper watch).


The improvements on the first Apple Watch are not dramatic, but they tip the balance for me. The biggest one is that the device is now water-resistant to 50m; this is big indeed. Of late, for a number of reasons I’ve needed to be contactable at all times. So getting email, SMS and calls while I’m in the shower or swimming has been crucial for me, and it’s worked for important communications time and again.


Other significant improvements: the screen is now much brighter and easily readable in sunlight. The processor is also faster – much faster. And the battery life is far better: I did a morning-to-next-evening overnight trip recently, forgot the watch charger and still had 25 per cent battery when I got home. One improvement that hasn’t moved me much: the watch now has GPS. This doesn’t mean you can see or search maps when you don’t have an iPhone nearby; it’s just that the watch will track and record runs, cycle rides and so on when you don’t have your phone with you.

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