Data roaming without the drag

YRoam offers robust, convenient data connection in more than 100 countries

YRoam, £199.99
YRoam, £199.99 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I became a fan and user of the international 3G/4G WiFi hotspot device Goodspeed a while ago. Although not exactly cheap, it greatly shrinks those toxic global data roaming charges and hooks you up to superb-quality data abroad. But the Goodspeed ecosystem takes some effort on your part: for each country you visit, you need to have a different SIM card shipped from Finland. It’s also irritating to pay a monthly subscription at times when you’re not travelling much – and a further annoyance is when you burn up the additional daily usage charge by turning the device on once a day overseas to check a single email, as I have often done.


Here’s an attractive, less fussy variant from Hong Kong company UCloudlink that may well give you equally robust coverage at a better and less complicated rate, as well as including a gadget-charging power bank within its chunky (21mm x 64mm x 117mm) case. 


The device is sold as YRoam in the UK; elsewhere you will find it branded GlocalMe. The data is not always as fast as with Goodspeed, but it’s still commendable. And the convenience of not having to slot in multiple SIM cards – because you don’t need any – is a boon. YRoam comes ready to use in over 100 countries, with your first GB of data included.

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