A Bluetooth speaker with unbelievable sound

The iRoar Go from Creative is petite but packs a pulsating punch

Creative iRoar Go speaker, £160
Creative iRoar Go speaker, £160 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Most portable Bluetooth speakers are, if at all dainty, pretty delicate-sounding. Or if they deliver big and muscular music, they’re actually not so portable. This speaker from Creative, however, is small enough to pack for a trip, but has mighty enough technology to fill a room with decibels to spare. 


The iRoar Go is an evolution of Creative’s original Sound Blaster Roar that I heartily endorsed here two years ago. The new version, with the same five speakers and two amps (one just for bass), is smaller, lighter and even more refined, but that notwithstanding, it is quite a bit louder. The passive radiators at each end pulsate visibly with bass – a bit like a Devialet Phantom, but on a miniature scale. 


The sound is incredible – just nuts. Creative doesn’t say how many watts it produces, but as I type I am playing one of my favourite bass-ey tracks, Baby Cocoa Zin Zin by Jah Leak Roy, with the Roar – aka even louder – button on. Suffice to say, it is not making me popular with my non-African-reggae-loving neighbours. The splashproof (good for bathrooms) iRoar Go offers 12 hours of audio playback on a charge; it can also be used with a microphone as a mini PA system; a battery bank to give your other portable devices a power boost; or to make conference calls and record meetings. 

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